Monday, 30 January 2012

6 hours of TENNIS

I wonder if any of my readers were as gripped as I was to the television yesterday watching Nadal and Djokovic battle it out to win the Australian Tennis Open. I needed reminding that it was the middle of the night for them, as they endured a nearly 6 hour tennis match and I was contemplating what to have for lunch.

It amazes me how they managed to just carry on and on and show no sign of giving up until the end. Their bodies must have been so confused - what with it being the middle of the night and having hardly any rest/time to sit down from start to finish. These kinds of people are inspirational.

I thought the crowd were brilliant too - and nobody showed signs of wanting to leave half way through the match despite it being the middle of the night. The players can't just stop and go home so neither should the spectators! It takes real talent to hit the ball as hard and skilfully as they do - and thankfully there was not too much grunting!

I have to say - I was routing for Djokovic, it was the seventh time in a row that he has beaten Nadal, who at one point I thought had it in the bag. It was a battle of mind over body. Their tenacity, energy, determination and focus should be an example to us all.

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