Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Depression: the nutrition connection

I have been doing some research on Stress as my current essay title is '"Stress makes people ill." Critically discuss this claim with reference to psychological theories of stress and empirical findings.'

I came across this article on the link between Nutrition and Depression by Patrick Holford

There is no doubt about it - we, as a nation, are becoming more and more depressed and are badly affected by mental illness. Ruby Wax states that 1 in 4 of us are affected by depression. And the scary thing is - it's a problem that is not getting any better.

The western diet and lifestyle has a lot to answer for. We don't eat enough fish, fruit and vegetables and this is a massive contributor to the balance (or should I say imbalance) in the bio-chemicals in our brains. If you go back hundreds or thousands of years, humans were not depressed and didn't lead the stressful lives that we are today - and they ate good, nutritious food all the time. Even if you look at tribes and cultures in other countries, the number of people affected by mental illness is nothing like what we have - and its all down to their diet.

Now - I'm not saying we should all live like cavemen but I do think we all need to do something about this depression epidemic, and by that I don't mean take medication, which is now so easily prescribed by the doctor. 11% of people in the USA take anti-depressants. That is A LOT of people.

More people need to understand that health can be dramatically improved through Nutrition and other basic lifestyle changes. 

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