Friday, 6 January 2012


It never ceases to amaze me how much we all rely on Social Networking nowadays. In five years, I have gone from not having Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to not being able to cope for more than a few hours without ANY of them. What on earth is going on? Facebook has become my number 1 method for contacting people - this is partly because I am convinced that most people in my phonebook don't bother to tell me when they have changed their numbers so they are probably all wrong, but my connections on Facebook are all "correct" if that makes sense. I have never wanted to follow the crowd and I certainly remember saying that I would never get Facebook - but it didnt take long for me to become one of the many hundreds of millions who now connects "socially" with others online.

Facebook was swiftly followed by Twitter, which again, I didn't think would ever have to come across, but it's also become a MASSIVE way for everyone communicating with one another. I heard from a very reliable source that the first announcement that Bin Laden had been killed was via a tweet...and from that word spread like wild fire and the news had gone around the world about a million times within half an hour of the first announcement.

I was encouraged to join LinkedIn in the summer of 2011 (last year!) when I graduated from Oxford Media and Business School as an Executive PA. We were told to get our names out there and make connections with people on a business/coporate level. So I did - and this is a third page that I manage on a regular basis.

I discussed Social Media Marketing with my aunt in August 2011 when I was working for her (as a PA/helper). There's no doubt about it - marketing a business like hers via Facebook/Twitter and other similar social networking sites is a really good idea mainly because its a free way of telling the world about you. However, she pointed out that although it's free - she has to spend her very valuable time managing/updating these pages - something she would be unable to do regularly because her head is in so many different places - and I agree with her. It's hard enough just keeping the actual website up to date, let alone everything else. It's all very well connecting with people on all these social networking channels, but how can even the businest people keep up? For instance, Piers Morgan and Sir/Lord Alan Sugar must be two of the busiest businessmen in the country, but how on EARTH can they tweet at the rest of the world as much as they do and continue with their daily lives? The answer is that they probably don't and someone does it for them but apparently their Twitter pages are genuinely them. I'm not so sure and had to "unfollow" them both because they were clogging up my newsfeed with their childish banter.

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