Saturday, 7 January 2012

Good Morning Prime Minister!

I often love visiting Portobello Road/Market in Notting Hill, London on a Saturday morning. Residents in the area probably hide and double lock their front doors as thousands of tourists and curious shoppers flock to see what bargains they can find. The smells, sounds and sights all fascinate me and I love just walking up and down capturing it all.

This morning - I was delighted to walk past the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, with his three children in tow. I hope he was able to enjoy a leasurly Saturday morning spending time with his family, as any father/husband would want to do. However, it can't be easy with such an important and demanding job running the country. I don't think his wife Samantha was with him. I heard someone say "Good Morning, Sir!" - the poor guy can't even take his children shopping/out and about and not be bothered by "Jo Bloggs". It made me smile though. I think the PM, the man that said hello to him and I were the only British people on the entire street. If only more British people enjoyed these hidden gems in London like David Cameron and I did this morning. I have nothing against the tourists - they are doing our economy some good but more Brits around would be nice too!

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