Sunday, 29 January 2012

Miranda and the Therapist

I very rarely watch television but I have just finished watching Miranda Series 1 and 2. The episode where she finds herself with her mother in front of a psychiatrist had me crying with laughter. Please watch this clip or watch the whole episode if you can (episode 5) - she gets herself in all kinds of trouble and the session hasn't even started. I don't think I was quite that chaotic at my first psychiatric assessment...!

I rarely meet people now who don't liken me to Miranda Hart. My mum isn't sure whether I should take that as a compliment (because she's worried that means she might be like her mother played by Patricia Hodge!) - but I do take it as a compliment because I think she is absolutely brilliant and everyone adores her (both on and off camera). Apart from having the same name as her and also being tall, we aren't really physically alike. But people do think we sound the same, have the same facial features and so she could basically be one of my long lost cousins. I wish.

She is "what I call" "such fun"....bare with....

I'd rather be likened to her for making people laugh - maybe thats something I need to work on. I am definitely easily flustered, like the sitcom Miranda who you see in the clip above.

I dont think I trip over as much as her:

Miranda is currently in the BBC series "Call the Midwife" and once again, had us all screaming with laughter last Sunday night. It was the best tonic to get rid of that Sunday night feeling that signals the end of the weekend. I'll be tuning in again tomorrow and I can't wait. And I eagerly await the release of Miranda Series 3, which is apparently coming out in the Autumn of this year. 

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