Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Do you have a word that you absolutely hate? I do. Its the title of this blog post. I can hardly bring myself you write it again. Its a word that makes me feel physically sick.


My flat mates at university think its so funny that I don't like it - so they chant it to wind me up. I think its a truly horrible word and should not belong in our dictionary. In fact, I hate it so much that at school, when the deputy head walked into our cookery lesson and said "Ooh, those look rather Moi-...."I shouted and threw my tea towel at her before she could finish her sentence. Thankfully, she saw the funny side...!

Am I being irrational? Do I need to perform a CBT downward arrow on this to get to my core belief about my feelings for this word?

Miranda Hart in Miranda often thinks about the sounds of certain words - the one I can recall that she mentions is "Thrust". Eeeeugh - thats horrible too.

I'm glad I have got that off my chest - but I am afraid I still really don't like the word Moist.


  1. Aaaaaargh me too! It's a horrible word. I'm also not keen on words beginning with "ch". Sets my teeth on edge!

  2. Scutters ... my husband uses this word to describe 'people of a dubious nature'. Imagine my horror when I found out that some web crawlers are actually called scutters and I have to actually teach the word!!