Sunday, 5 February 2012

Do Not Disturb

I sometimes find myself on trains to London from Suffolk very early in the morning - this happens especially if I can't cope with rail replacement buses on a Sunday night or if I am temping in the summer. There is one hard and fast rule to remember when on one of these early morning journeys - DO NOT DISTURB THE COMMUTER. The same applies on the tube or a bus.

Monday morning. 7:03 am train from Colchester to London Liverpool Street. 

Nobody speaks, everyone is looking smarter than smart, briefcase in one hand, coffee/bacon roll in the other, BlackBerries are pinging and fingers on keypads are clicking as the weekends emails come through (if you are one of those who turns their work phone off on a Friday evening and turn it on again on Monday morning). There are those who look like they regret not finishing their list of things to do on Friday afternoon and leaving it until after the weekend. And there are those who look fully in control of their day and week ahead. I am not sure which group I would belong in.

I try my best to look like I am one of those business people on my way to the office but the bright pink Cath Kidston overnight bag and my scruffy attire make it painfully obvious that I am definitely not heading to a high-powered job in the city. 

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