Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hello Boris...

I could not believe it when I was standing on Fulham Palace Road this evening waiting for a friend and someone stopped on their bicycle to ask me for directions. It was Boris Johnson (The Mayor of London)! He was looking for the River Cafe. There was no mistaking it was him. The hair, the voice, the face...

So to double confirm that I was right and am not making all this up - I took the initiative to ring the River Cafe and actually ask them if he was there/had made it - and he had!

So now I have bumped into David Cameron and Boris...who will it be next? Kate Middleton on a dog walk with her new puppy in Kensington Palace gardens? Dream on Miranda...


  1. Not a dream, you're attracting greatness!!!

  2. Looks more like Boris Karlof! Have fun!

    1. That's "Karloff" with 2 "fs" by the way...!

  3. That's so cool!