Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Help

As promised, after writing yesterday's post on marking the anniversary of the day that I got help.... here is more info on all those people that got me to where I am today. Click on each name for more info...

Lara H - W and co at the P
Diana S
James L
I didn't go down this route but they found me this AMAZING doctor so I suppose they did help after all.... Dr F
Dr H - L
Dr D
Norah B
Will N
Janey D
Naella G
Mary McD
Charlotte B
Shannon Y
Nina G
Polly E
Angela B
Martin S
P FINE peeps

I knew it was a lot of people but I didn't realise it was THAT many. Wow. I feel I have had quite a team behind me, and am incredibly fortunate for that. I would also be nowhere without my family or friends, who stood by me, came to visit, sent flowers, came to the rescue....there is an endless list!

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