Sunday, 11 March 2012

All aboard the NHS Booze Bus

The wheels on the booze bus go round and round all night long..

I was truly shocked to come across this article the other day in the London Evening Standard newspaper.

There is now an ambulance/bus which goes round London at night picking up those who have had too much to drink. The staggering thing is that, from what I have read in this article, those who are picked up at the side of the road, slumped in the curb, aren't students/Freshers - they are people in their late twenties and early thirties who at their age (still) haven't managed to learn where their level of alcohol tolerance lies - or maybe they do but think they can push the boundaries? Some of them also have a desks they should be at at 9 am the next morning - this is one of the reasons why so many working days are lost each year. Or maybe they dont have jobs and so the only alternative is to drink and drink and drink....

Alcohol abuse costs the NHS £2.7 Billion a year. And A&E is so pushed to its limits that these drunk people will receive more/better attention aboard the Booze Bus than they would if they went to a hospital. Last year, the London Ambulance Service responded to more than 69,000 alcohol related calls. 69,000 calls. Thats 190 alcohol related calls a day in London alone.


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