Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Happy memories and fun times...

In October 2011, we received the very sad news that Amberfield School would be closing - this is where I spent two exceptionally happy years. It was a very small, happy and fun-filled place. We all felt very shocked and lost at the thought that this wonderful school would no longer exist.

Someone has just alerted me to this YouTube video - showing some of the fun and mischief that occurred. Although I do have video footage of my year group's antics - I have not got the technical capabilities to put it on You Tube - this video is about 8 years old from some girls who left before I had even arrived!

The Amberfield community united to do all it could to keep the doors open but sadly nothing could be done - I am not sure whether there are still plans in the pipe line for the opening of a new school. It is the most beautiful building surrounded by delightful Suffolk countryside. 

I will never forget the motto - Valens sed Clemens - Strong But Gentle. It sums me up perfectly - and every other girl that walked through its doors. Notable past pupils include the artist Maggi Hambling and also Lady Madeline Lloyd-Webber (pictured below) - married to the world famous composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber

No amount of tweets or emails from me would persuade the Lloyd-Webber's to part with a small segment of their more than £700 million fortune which would certainly have helped save the school. Someone suggested they open a music academy?! 

I still often think about this magical place which touched so many people. The bank took the school away but it can never take away the fond memories and the many friendships that came from it. 

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