Monday, 19 March 2012

A trip down memory lane...

Oxford Media and Business School

I have had the most amazing day, and have been looking forward to it for a while. I was invited back to Oxford to visit the PA College that I went to last year. A few of us from my year group and previous years spoke to current students about life after the course and the jobs we do. I gave a slightly different slant on it as I chose not to start a full time job and hit London as a university student instead. But I was able to fill them in about temping and living in London - which many of them will end up doing.

I can totally imagine what the girls must be feeling like - scared, anxious but also excited about what is next to come. There is so much uncertainty that comes with anything new. A lot of them doubted that they would be able to do what we do - work as temps or in permanent jobs supporting CEOs, Directors or even working with celebrities. One girl worked for Bernie Ecclestone temporarily, another girl was based in Manchester and worked with Michael Owen and David Beckham, another girl is full time PA to Lily Allen. Others work in the property sector - handling multi-million pound deals in Kensington, Fulham and Knightsbridge to name just a few places.

But the overall message we put across was that - they can do it and they will! I said its like driving a car, you are supported through the learning but you actually don't believe and realise you can do it until you have passed your test and are on your own - with no driving instructor next to you. You learn far more at that point - when you are in the job and having to think on your feet.

It was the best course I have ever done - I have learnt skills for life that help me in so much that I do. I met some of the nicest people - both staff and pupils - who are good friends of mine. Its a passport to a successful career in almost any sector - with scope to do almost anything. Its the perfect university alternative - which is becoming increasingly expensive and degrees are actually not needed so much anymore - except of course for things like Medicine and Law.

My long university summer will not be spent wasting time doing nothing - instead I will temp in the city putting everything I learnt in Oxford into practice.

I encourage you to investigate it if you are looking to hire a PA or if you want to do a course that will give you valuable skills and knowledge for the future.

I did - and I haven't looked back.

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