Monday, 23 April 2012

Claire Squires - London Marathon 2012

It was both inspiring and emotional yesterday to watch the London Marathon on television. It is even more exciting to watch it live as a spectator on the streets of London, which I did three years ago. I do hope to run it one day.

I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of 30 year old Claire Squires (pictured below) who collapsed and died yesterday as she approached the finish line. I am uplifted to hear that donations for the Samaritans (who she was running for) have since been flooding in. She only hoped to raise £500 for them and since her death yesterday during the race, she has subsequently raised more than £31,000 in the 24 hours since the race and tragic loss of her life (at the time of writing this).

Update: 26 April 2012 - total raised is now more than £757,000 - WOW!

The donation page is here.

The Samaritans is the most amazing charity and is an ideal place for Claire's family to get help as they overcome this terrible shock. It is so appropriate, therefore, that so much money has been raised for them despite the tragic circumstances. The World has united and been exceptionally generous for such a worthwhile cause.

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  1. It is indeed sad.. The London Marathon raises amazing amounts of money for charities - and I agree that the Samaritans is a wonderful cause.

    This is 'only' the 11th death in the 31 years of the London Marathon, but it nevertheless confirms my thinking that humans were not 'designed' to run such long distances. The wear and tear on the body is huge, and the science of safe and optimal performance complex.

    My heart goes out to Claire's family.