Friday, 4 May 2012

Hello Summer

I am over the moon - I had my last university exam today which means one thing -


The exam was about Human Diseases (Infectious/Non-Infectious) - I dont think it went very well but I am not going to worry about that for now. I am going to enjoy the free feeling that I am now finished for the academic year until the end of September. I am terrible at Maths but even I know that this means I have nearly 5 months off. 

Let me reiterate something - I am not going to sit on my backside for all that time. There is the chance that I will have to retake one of the exams if I dont get above the pass mark (40%). My other summer plans are as follows
  • I am going to find short temping jobs as a PA - putting into practice the skills I learnt at OMBS last year.
  • I am working as a Games Maker at the London 2012 Olympic Games - meeting and greeting athletes as they arrive at Heathrow.
  • I am going on holiday to Portugal
  • I am joining Ruby Wax at the Ritz for tea - SO excited about this little event!
  • I am also catching up with friends who I have neglected having been buried under essays and revision over the last few weeks.
I can't wait to spend some time enjoying London - what with the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee coming up - its going to be fab.

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