Sunday, 24 June 2012

BB Cream: your new summer must-have

Serena Rudge tells us about the essential item that she won't forget to pack for her holidays this summer. And neither should we! Read on for more info...

Although it might be hard to tell by looking out of the window, we are now officially in summer, and, as all good girls know, we should adjust our makeup bags as well as our wardrobes to the season ahead. Summer hopefully means holidays, sun, beaches and tans, and with all the fun on offer, who wants to spend too much time on their makeup? Fresh faced and natural is where it’s at, and besides, no one wants to cover up their glowing tan with foundation.

Boots 17 BB Cream ©Serena Rudge; Image Credit: Serena Rudge
This is where BB Cream steps in. Blemish Balm, to use its full name, is lighter than foundation and a multi-tasker: it moisturises, soothes, provides coverage AND has sun protection. Even if you haven’t tried it, you’ll probably have heard of it.

Originally sold in Asia, where it contained whitening properties, Western cosmetics markets caught on last year and began to sell it worldwide, although thankfully without the skin-whitening agents. Instead, the BB Creams that you’ll find in Boots or Superdrug should conceal imperfections, even out your skin tone, moisturise, and give your face a natural glow.

Most brands now sell BB Cream, so you’ll be able to find some to suit any budget. Boots 17 is one of the cheaper options on the market at £6.99, and although it doesn’t provide as much coverage as some of the more expensive options, it’s a good choice if you’re strapped for cash. Maybelline is another bargain at £7.99, and offers a wider range of colour. L’Oreal and Garnier both sell theirs for £9.99, still reasonably priced at under a tenner.

Both brands claims to provide 24hr hydration, and feel light on the skin, and Garnier also has one for oily/combination skin. No7 has created formulae for oilydry, and very dry skin; at £12.95 it isn’t going to drain your bank account, so if you feel like splashing out a little then this would be perfect, since you can tailor it to your skin type.

Of course, if you want to spend more there are always high-end brand looking to rob your of your hard-earned cash. Clinique, Dr Jart, and Origins all come in at over £20, and whilst you get what you pay for, the Garnier and L’Oreal versions are more than adequate on a student budget.

Got a job for the summer? BB Cream’s multi-tasking properties mean your morning makeup routine will be shorter. Or, if you’re going to one, take it to a festival, and slim down your makeup bag. Whatever your summer plans, make sure BB Cream is included!

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