Friday, 27 July 2012

London 2012 Olympics

All eyes will be on London this evening as the Opening Ceremony takes place to mark the start of the 2012 Olympics. I feel so honoured and excited to have been part of it. I have been working as a Games Maker - I am one of the 70,000 volunteers who has helped put the games together. My job has been to meet and greet athletes, VIPs and officials at Heathrow as they arrive.

I have met some fascinating people and teams. I have been based in the arrivals section of Terminal 3, which receives flights from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Oman.... the list goes on!

Some of the most note worthy teams who have come through who I will be looking out for are:

Norwegian Sailors
Hungarian Gymnasts
Swedish Equestrian
Denmark Table Tennis
Canadian Fencing
Canadian Triathletes
Ramon Gittens - Men's 100 m Athletics participant (who will run against Usain Bolt)
Norwegian Handball


All the Games Makers at Heathrow have been collecting pin badges from various people from different countries who have come through. I received badges from Oman, Czech Republic, Finland and USA.

I had the honour of being invited to the Opening Ceremony Technical Dress Rehearsal on Monday night so I have seen some of it already - although there is lots that will happen tonight that has all been kept top secret. It was absolutely mind blowing and made me feel so proud to be British.

London and most of the UK has been incredibly lucky this week with blissfully hot weather and there is such an incredible atmosphere around the city. I was walking through Hyde Park this week surrounded by the sounds of other people who are as excited as I am about the Games starting.

Its been challenging having to work in a new place along side people I had never met working strange unpaid hours (some of my shifts start at 5:30 am so my alarm goes at 4 am and some finish as late as 11:30 pm) but its all been so rewarding and I am so pleased I was chosen to help take part. 250,000 people applied for Games Maker roles and only 70,000 people including me were successful.

I will be supporting:

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