Sunday, 20 January 2013

An Apple Gathering

I have had a seriously fun afternoon. 

If you were standing at Kings Cross St. Pancras railway station in London at 1 pm today - somewhere near Pret a Manger - you will have heard squeals of delight as five young women met for the first time. It seemed like we had been best friends for years. 

In actual fact, we had only communicated via 140 character length tweets, a few emails and text messages in the last few weeks and months. And today was the day we all met for the first time. I think those sitting around us were a little bit intrigued by conversation. We talked non stop for at least three hours.

As Meg has written beautifully in her blog - its not just Anorexia that bought us all together. Its recovery. It was an honour to meet them all and I hope we will all remain good friends and keep in touch. I particularly enjoyed meeting the wonderful Emma Woolf (great niece of Virginia Woolf). I really admire all her work. 

The "Apple" part of all this refers to Emma's amazing book "An Apple a Day".

Thinky wrote this beautiful poem and bought a copy for each of us. I think its incredibly well written:

Written by Thinky for my fellow apples, 
Emma, Sara, Miranda & Meg xx 

An Ode to the Apples 

Five seedlings are gathered, a odd bunch some might say, 
What brings them together? An Apple A day! 
Their natural beauty, and radiant skin, 
Hides knocks they have taken, and bruising within. 
A decision they made, to flourish and thrive, 
For an apple cares not of its weight, shape or size. 
The Apples all have names, I would care to give a mention, 
But fear making them rhyme, would cause lyrical tension. 
They know who are, and needless to say, 
Health and life, requires more than an apple a day. 
The promise of nature, brings dreams to fruition, 
Key ingredients first needed, are Self-love and nutrition. 
These five apples I know, were born to be friends, 
Their friendship a weapon, bringing ED's to an end! 

Here is a picture of us all together - 

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