Saturday, 26 January 2013

Another Genius Poem

My dear friend E is working harder than ever on recovery in an ED unit in Essex. Instead of slapping paint and throwing glitter everywhere in Art therapy - she is cuddled over a piece of paper, pen in hand and wrote this this week. I am seriously impressed - and she very kindly said I could share it with you. 

I much upon my apple
Upon my apple I much
And every morsel that I eat
Every morsel that I crunch
Is giving me a ticket
To that life that I aspire
Is taking me nearer
To the freedom I desire
I sip upon my latte

Upon my latte I sip
And every mug I drink
I slurp up every drip
Knowing it will take me
To a world where I am free
To a world where thoughts of food
Are not controlling me

I've never felt so worried
I've never felt so scared
I've never worked so hard,
But then I never really cared.
I know I really want this
The rewards will be so great;
So I eat up every morsel
Before it's not too late.....

She said "Poetry writing is under-rated as therapy. It feels so good. When others are producing masterpieces in the art room, I'm bent over a notepad."

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  1. This is indeed a lovely poem and my thoughts are with your friend in her stand against ED. A beautiful poem :-) x