Saturday, 19 January 2013

Congratulations Ruby Wax!

Last night Ruby Wax shared her very exciting news over Twitter 

***cue drum roll***

She has gained her Masters degree from Oxford University in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. This is such a huge achievement - not least because doing a Masters in anything is a huge challenge but doing it at one of the best universities in the world studying the functions and workings of the brain...well I dont know how anyone could do that - and Ruby has!

Also - just because Ruby is a celebrity, it doesn't make the degree any easier - in fact its probably harder - there are no shortcuts, no fast track, nobody to do the work for you, provide the answers, type the essays. Just sheer hard work and intelligence.

"Two fingers are up to all my childhood teachers who reported I was sub-normal"

Massive hurrah and congratulations from me and no doubt every other Triber...

She has learnt from one of the top professors in the world linked to Mindfulness. I have actually had the honour of meeting Professor Mark Williams. 


  1. Yes, indeed Ms. Wax and a resounding Congratulations all around. I find it interesting, how the passion we have for advocacy work and helping to affect change will drive us to excel to such levels.

    It makes me think of Dr. Ruth Sullivan, who in her 50's, drove 90miles per day to University, for 6 years, to achieve her PhD. She did this due to her passion to affect change in the world of Autism back in the 1960's and felt she needed her PhD in order to be taken seriously. Well, that certainly was the case and she helped shape US legislation, eliminated stigma and the parent blame culture surrounding autism. Just what we are facing with eating disorders now.

    Thank you Ruby Wax for your commitment, drive and passion to help raise awareness, eliminate stigma and being a tremendous source of support!

    Ok, a bit early I'm certain, but do we see a PhD on the horizon? No pressure x :-)