Saturday, 9 March 2013

Horse Meat Scandal

Where are we at on the horse meat scandal?
All seems to have gone very quiet...

Take Back the Tube - Ellie Cosgrave

I read this article today:

One woman's stand against sexual harassment

and decided that it had to go straight on here. This is a very serious issue and needs to be made aware of and passed on. 

When Ellie Cosgrave was sexually assaulted on a London tube, she felt powerless. On International Women's Day, she is returning to where it happened to start her own revolution:

Comic Relief (Best Bits)

I LOVE Comic Relief. Any excuse to do something funny for money and raise funds for much needed causes in this country and Africa.

Some of my favourite moments are as follows:

Lauren Cooper meets Tony Blair:

Miranda dances with JLS (part 1):

Miranda dances with JLS (part 2):

Miranda / Ruby Wax / Claudia Winkleman cook for David Cameron (Part 1):

Miranda / Ruby Wax / Claudia Winkleman cook for David Cameron (Part 2):

Ali G interviews David and Victoria Beckham:

Mr Bean's Wedding:

What are your favourite moments?

Queen Victoria: Spice Girl to Super Brand

I did enjoy reading this article this week:

First things first: you need to know that my knowledge of fashion is pretty limited. BUT I have taken an interest in Victoria Beckham's work and the clothes she has designed.

The quality is exceptional. The style is quite unique. I have been to see the collection and I just love the fact that Britain is in the spot light and receiving such praise in this industry when so often the attention is more on the Italians or French...

Her cover in Elle Magazine (March, 2013) was also a good read.

I am seriously excited that the Beckham's are back in London - one of the world's most famous families is back on home turf. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Ruby Wax: Art & Science on the Brain

I am very excited to be going to see Ruby Wax again next month. She is doing a show at the Barbican in London on 8 April.

Click here for more information. It will be fab - since nobody knows and can talk about mental illness better than she does:

She is also writing a book, coming out later this year. Can't wait for that too.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

An Update on my Degree

I am doing a Nutrition and Health undergraduate degree. 

This week in a Food Science lecture, we looked at Microbes on different objects. We had to choose a random "thing" to swob and will find out next week if any bacteria has grown on it (watch this space - I will let you know). It might put me off ever touching a keyboard, door handle or light switch in a public place ever again....

Another project at university has been in a Health Promotion / Public Health module. We have had to do some group work and create a public health campaign / poster on a particular topic. My group chose to focus on Childhood obesity and we will be presenting our project on Tuesday. We have tried to launch the campaign and make it as realistic as possible so do follow us on Twitter: @HealthyGen

We feel the rising problem of Childhood Obesity (primarily in the UK) can be slowed if Parents are inspired to help their children make healthy choices around food and exercise. What do you think?

Trying to be a Vegan

Life has been full on hence the lack of blog posts from me...

My friend Serena Rudge writes a fantastic blog. Recently, she wrote a great post on trying to be a Vegan (she isn't a vegan but she gave it a go to see what it was like...). Its much harder than it looks! Do read her post by clicking here.

I am not sure I could give up fish and eggs. One of my favourite things is poached eggs and smoked salmon on toast (with butter on the toast...!) so I would hate not being able to have that.

But the diet forces you to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit so that is the only thing that would attract me to it.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Miranda's Mad March (Miranda Hart - Comic Relief)

No blog post from me for a while and you then get two in one day - you lucky things! 

Check out what Miranda Hart is doing next week for Comic Relief - I am very excited (but it looks quite tough and perhaps won't be "such fun" for her as it will be for us watching!):

Rethink Your Drink

An interesting photo that shows us how much sugar is in popular everyday drinks: