Thursday, 7 March 2013

An Update on my Degree

I am doing a Nutrition and Health undergraduate degree. 

This week in a Food Science lecture, we looked at Microbes on different objects. We had to choose a random "thing" to swob and will find out next week if any bacteria has grown on it (watch this space - I will let you know). It might put me off ever touching a keyboard, door handle or light switch in a public place ever again....

Another project at university has been in a Health Promotion / Public Health module. We have had to do some group work and create a public health campaign / poster on a particular topic. My group chose to focus on Childhood obesity and we will be presenting our project on Tuesday. We have tried to launch the campaign and make it as realistic as possible so do follow us on Twitter: @HealthyGen

We feel the rising problem of Childhood Obesity (primarily in the UK) can be slowed if Parents are inspired to help their children make healthy choices around food and exercise. What do you think?

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