Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mat Ricardo & Dusty Limits

We had the honour of watching Mat Ricardo, Dusty Limits, Vicky Butterfly, Mia Merode, Miss Carrie-Ann and MORE performing at my mums 50th birthday party at the weekend.

Dusty was AMAZING - in fact he was so good that he deserves another blog post at a later date.

Mat Ricardo is pretty famous in the burlesque and magician world - he is particularly famous for the table cloth trick, which has has performed on the Jonathan Ross Show, Alan Titchmarsh Show and an Advert for Unum:

Sadly he didn't do the table cloth trick on the night. However, he did do this which I thought was pretty amazing:

This is a picture of Mia Merode singing Back to Black by Amy Whinehouse 

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