Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Dinner Party

If you could host a dinner party, and were allowed to ask anyone in the celebrity world you liked, who would you ask and why?

I would want a mixture of people who would provide interesting and witty discussions - people who I might learn something from, who have interesting stories to tell about their past / paths to fame.

I would invite the following people: 

Will i am
Ruby Wax
Benedict Cumberbatch
Dawn O'Porter
Harry Judd
J K Rowling
Michael McIntyre

If I had a "girls only" lunch party - it would be

Emma Kennedy
Miranda Hart
Emma Freud
Ruby Wax

(because I know they are all good friends and completely hilarious when they are all together)

To be continued.... (when I have thought of more people worthy of an invitation!)

(PS If you could include someone in your list who isn't alive anymore, who would it be?)

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