Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ruby Wax / Sane New World at Shuffle Festival

I realise there is a bit of a theme to many of my recent blog posts (clue: two words. One starts with R. The other starts with a W). 

Well ever since this time last year when this happened - I've become a massive fan and support to Ruby for all her mental illness related work. She's given me so much. I owe it to her.

Today - I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with her at Shuffle Festival - Day of the Mind. It was brilliant. Set in the grounds of St Clement's Psychiatric Hospital, which now doesn't exist. She performed a large extract from her show - Losing It - which is incredible. I was lucky enough to see it at the Menier Chocolate Factory three years ago.

It was a surreal afternoon - meeting Danny Boyle and helping him with an animation and then jumping in the taxi with Ruby to come home. I feel so unbelievably lucky.

I can't urge you more to buy Sane New World. Its pure genius and seriously entertaining. Its hard to get that combination - but she has and its a winner.

I took this photograph with her phone. 
Note: it says Ruby Wax will be SINGING COPIES - not signing. Oops.

Watch her TED talk on the top right of this page to see her doing this:


  1. Very exciting Miranda and it does not get much better than having an opportunity to spend time with someone whom you admire so much and is such an inspiration. So happy for you and you look utterly radiant in your photo's as does Ms. Wax. Have you written the Queen yet? :-) x

    1. I am in the process of filling out the application form. Thank you so much for such a great comment Gaby xx

  2. Hi Miranda
    Sounds wild. Have always enjoyed Ruby Wax.