Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Some exciting news from Tom and Gi Fletcher

I have blogged once before with a really amazing video from Tom Fletcher (his incredible wedding speech).

His most recent video, with some seriously exciting news is equally amazing, and such a clever way to make this announcement:

Happy Halloween All !

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Southwold with Charlotte B

I spent the most heavenly day with my good friend Charlotte Bevan yesterday at their new holiday house. Southwold is about 50 miles north of me - and only took me 1 hr 15 mins to get there. Its the most heavenly seaside town on the Suffolk coast and I will definitely be going back!

I bought a Noa Noa dress in Collen and Clare, which is one of the nicest clothes shops I have ever been too - its like Westbourne Grove but everything is in one place. It is described by Emma Freud as the best shop in Suffolk. 

Poor Collen and Clare have a dreadful view of WH Smith which is one of the horrid chains that has crept onto this idyllic high street.

Sadly Suzie's cafe was shut because of the weather - its a really fun beach hut / cafe. Richard Curtis and Emma Freud's beach hut called Bernard is next door to Suzie's. Sadly one of the best bakery's EVER was also shut but I will make sure I go there next time. I suggested to Suzie's that they should make and sell Cronuts. That would be amazing. This is Bernard - he was so charming:

Delicious handmade sausage rolls for lunch from the local deli. And a brisk walk back down to the beach to see the pier and the view looking back. I LOVED the slot machines on the pier - all handmade by someone who lives nearby.

Days like that are so special. Charlotte is my hero.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

My Blackberry isn't working

Cronuts and more

Last weekend arrived and came with lots of excitements.

Firstly, brunch at the Breakfast Club in Battersea - I have been here once before but this was by far the best - and having walked 30 mins and queued 20 mins to get in - it was so worth it:

Poached eggs, chorizo, roast peppers, avocado, fresh chillies, spicy hollandaise on toasted English Muffin. And the drink is spinach, mint, mango and apple (I KNOW). Pure heaven.

Secondly, Emma Freud's arrival back from the New York film festival. Now, why should I get excited about that? WELL, since you asked... While she was there, someone suggested that she find a Cronut. They are so sought after over there that you are only allowed to buy two at a time, and you have to queue for hours at the crack of dawn if you are within any remote chance of actually getting your hands on them. She came straight back to London and found a bakery (there are a few) that make them and headed to buy some straight away - she bought 21!

I immediately had Cronut envy as she was tweeting about all this - I was reading her updates (below) whilst standing in the queue for the Breakfast club, and I decided I just HAD to get my hands on one. So on Sunday, on my way to see Ruby Wax at the School of Life (the third excitement), I stopped at the bakery Emma had been to the day before and bought three - one for me, one for a friend and one for Ruby). 

Here are Emma's Cronut updates -  you have to read from the bottom upwards.

Here are the Cronuts - its basically a donut / croissant. I will be going back for more. 

The third excitement was being on the guest list at Ruby's Sunday Sermon at the School of Life (available to watch on YouTube here). Front row meant being on my best behaviour. I met Ed Bye too, which was pretty cool. She spoke about Madness and Mindfulness - she was eloquent, wise, funny, human and brave.

All in all - a very satisfactory weekend. I set the bar high and this weekend so far is not living up to last weekend's fun antics. But I am about to go off in search of some Salted Caramel, which may change things. 

You'd never guess reading this that (a) sugar used to be my biggest fear and (b) I study Nutrition...?!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Whispers, Kisses and Butter

Following on from Minding the (Big) Gap...

Ella and I in July 2009. I was 18, she was 3 - nobody will ever know what I said to her at that moment (partly because she was too young, partly because I have also kind of forgotten and party because nobody was in ear shot - not even the photographer..)

Mind the (Big) Gap...

I came across this article at the weekend - it couldn't be more relevant to me. 

In one of my first blog posts over a year ago, I posted a photograph of my sister during a wonderful weekend we spent together. She doesn't realise this but she has a huge fan club via Twitter and my blog. She's literally got a queue of people desperate to meet her (I'm feeling smug because she's mine!)

The funny thing about that Daily Mail article (first link) is it was published on Sunday - Ella's 8th birthday. 29th Sept is such a special day for us as our world was turned upside down, back to front and back again - for the better. There is exactly 15 years between us. If she hadn't been born 9 weeks early, she would have been born in the same week as my birthday. We have a brother too who is only two years younger than me so there is a 13 year gap between them. We all get on well and have a hilarious time together but there is something particularly special about a bond between two sisters, no matter what the age gap. I think it would be the same between brothers.

Ella and I are unbelievably similar - we were both born 9 weeks early for the same reason, we both had the same operation on our tummies within 10 days of being born, we both have/had problems with eating and we both have tendencies to be anxious. We have the same sense of humour amongst much else..
The age gap can be inconvenient - we haven't until recently been able to do much as a family as E is too young. 

I can't imagine what life must be like to have much older siblings but also to be SO much younger than everyone else. She doesn't have that "normal" sibling thing going on like a lot of her friends where she has to share her toys (I am not battling it out with her about who's barbie is who's..none of them are mine I promise!) and compete for things.. My brother and I aren't home much and the gaps between when we are there must feel like such a long time. I go home a lot and it must be hard for her to sometimes have a "third" parent. I definitely have crossed the line between acting as her sister and acting as her second mother. I think its equally hard being the eldest as it is being the youngest.

I feel so fortunate to have a brother and a sister - I definitely take it for granted. The joy for my parents is that they can rely on me to babysit for free if I am home, which I don't always mind. I don't envy my parents for having to re-do stuff like help with times tables, homework, teenage tantrums (not that I had many of those... I did!)

I like to think that I am paving the way and will always be her friend and someone for her to look up to / go to with a problem. 

Oh and she still loves that Build a Bear shop... damn - but I don't mind the gap, in fact I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

Continuing to Stop the Stigma

Following on from my previous post on Asda and the other one on Stopping the Stigma, I caught up with the brilliant Ruby Wax last night at the Second Half Centre in West London. I received my brilliant tattoos (don't worry - its temporary) from Time to Change a couple of weeks ago and last night was the perfect time to put it on. I didn't do what Ruby did and put it on my chest, but it is boldly on the back of my hand. 

Doing her thing: 

Huge thanks to Lady Jill Shaw-Ruddock for hosting such a great evening. 

I have previously blogged about how powerful Twitter is and I recently hit the 700 follower mark - I enjoyed "meeting" two people on Twitter yesterday afternoon who I then got to meet in person last night.

Bring on Sunday at the School of Life...