Monday, 4 November 2013

A secret love of short Autumnal days

I love this time of year. The clocks have gone back and it's getting colder, which means lots of log fires and lazy weekends watching the Rugby, Downton Abbey and Strictly. I love going for long walks, which involve trampling through lots of crunchy leaves when it's cold but sunny. London smells of bonfires and there have been the distant bangs of fireworks every night for the last few evenings - its so annoying when you can hear the fireworks but not see them.

I have just been to Florence, Italy where it was more than 20 degrees C everyday - no sign of any tourists leaving (a long queue to climb the Duemo and get into the Uffizi gallery) and no need to wear a coat or scarf.

The start of November is also the realisation that December and therefore (dare I say it) Christmas is only a few weeks away... (50 days to be precise - I KNOW!)

One of my favourite parts of preparing for / thinking about Christmas involves buying and writing Christmas cards. I know it's an expensive thing to do, but I feel it's an important way to keep up with friends I don't always see. I only buy cards from Cards for Good Causes which are completely for charity and very good quality. The postage is probably more expensive than the card itself but its the one charitable thing I do each year and I am not going to let Royal Mail's rising stamp prices stop an old tradition.

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