Sunday, 24 November 2013

Feast National Carers Conference / Charlotte's Helix

Friday was a fun and fascinating day.

I was volunteering at the National Carers Conference in Eating Disorders at the Institute of Psychiatry (King's College, London). My role varied from running round the lecture hall after each talk to pass the microphone to anyone who wanted to ask questions to helping sell the Succeed Foundation DVD just being a general help. I also had another huge job to do that day to do with Charlotte's Helix - and it deserves a blog post of its very own coming up next so stay tuned.. 

The speakers were amazing and the research in this area is so exciting and uplifting for the future.

I tweeted various quotes and pictures throughout the day so do look at those. Here are a few particularly special pictures of the day - 

This is Prof. Janet Treasure OBE (left) and Gill Todd (right) - two of the greatest experts in the eating disorder world who I have huge admiration for (Janet got awarded her OBE this year for services to the field - thoroughly well deserved):

This is one of the slides from a presentation explaining about Charlotte Bevan and the Helix:

And I LOVE this FEAST bag:

As I said above, the highlight of my day involved a very special job I had to do for Charlotte's Helix which will be my next blog post so read on...

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