Sunday, 24 November 2013

Giving DNA to Charlotte's Helix

As previously mentioned in an earlier post today, Friday was a great day spent "FEAST-ing" at the Carers Conference. The best part of the day was as follows...

I have already blogged about Charlotte's Helix before - if you haven't read about it, it would make me SO happy if you could take the time to read about it or even better contribute towards it in someway. In a nutshell - 

Charlotte's Helix is an international collaboration seeking to bring the AN25K genetics initiative to the UK, in honor of the eating disorder advocacy work of Charlotte Bevan.

And guess who was invited to be the first ever person to give their DNA to this international genetics initiative...? 

Yup, it was ME! When the conference stopped for lunch on Friday, I was whisked off to a little room somewhere in the heart of the Maudsley hospital and I donated these three small test tubes of blood which will be sent off for testing as part of the project.. 

Such an honour and privilege to be part of such an amazing project - not least because it celebrates the phenomenal work of one of my favourite people in the whole world (Charlotte)... 

I do hope others will follow my lead and jump at the chance to be part of this - it didn't hurt and took no more than 5 minutes. We wanted to do it in the lecture room in front of all the delegates and there was vague talk at one point of doing it live on Sky TV but there were various health and safety rules that couldn't be broken...

News of my DNA donation went online and across the pond pretty quickly and I enjoyed this headline on the Helix website: 

"Rolling up her sleeve for science, Miranda gives the first DNA sample for Charlotte's Helix!"

I never thought I would ever roll up my sleeve for Science, but then again, there are lots of things I have got involved with over the last few years that I never thought I would be able to be part of. 

Now all the Helix needs is some much needed funds to enable this project to continue - which reminds me, I must donate and I hope you might too!

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  1. I'm so glad you were the first in the UK, Miranda. Right and fitting as a wonderful advocate and friend of Charlotte.

    It was Charlotte's dream to add the UK and we are doing it!!!!