Tuesday, 26 November 2013

NHS Food - if thats what you can call it

I have blogged once before about the shocking food received in an NHS hospital by a friend of mine who was a patient there.

I'm afraid I am going to have another mumble about this (I'm allowed because thats the title of this blog and I am a nutritionist)

Charlotte is in hospital with cancer and is having a MAJOR operation tomorrow. She's just sent me this photo - 

This was her lunch. 

She said:

Have just been presented with the same meal again. 5 times out of 6 has to be a record. I haven't eaten it the last 5 times either. My nice nurses are not here today. #feelingangry

She is entitled to feel angry. I am angry too. Very. In fact, lots of us are furious on her behalf.

This term in my lectures, we have been frequently told about the fact that many people who are admitted to hospital become quickly malnourished because they aren't fed adequately. Which makes recovery a lot harder.

Charlotte has spoken VERY highly of the nurses looking after her and I am sure she is right. We are so lucky to have a National Health Service. However, this really is unacceptable and is probably happening in many other places all round the UK.

Charlotte only has the use of one arm. They won't even help her spread butter on her toast. 

Come on Basildon Hospital, you really need to buck up your ideas. Pronto.

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