Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Waiting, hoping, praying...

As the title of this post suggest, today was about waiting, hoping and praying for Charlotte as she under went her huge operation.

Nobody knew when news would trickle through, who would deliver it and what the outcome would be. What we did know was it was going to be a long day and therefore there may not be any news for a while.

But this evening, having been soothed and distracted by a FEAST mummy over two large cups of tea this afternoon, we hear:

"Out of Surgery and STABLE!" (via her blog - Laura wrote it).

Which is JUST what we wanted to hear. Hurrah.

And as Charlotte would say "You may now breathe. And breathe again."

I gather that Laura and I coped today in similar ways - I rung my dear friends at OMBS, and found out I had made it onto the "Latest News" section of their website. Very honoured. 

I also spoke to a FEAST mummy this morning, then had my hair cut and then had coffee with another FEAST mummy. Laura also used her hair as a distraction - she dyed her hair blue. (Click link for fab pics!) 

Who knew that such a thing could be so therapeutic?

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