Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Madness and Mindfulness / Sane New World Preview

Does anyone remember my blog post back in October about Cronuts and more? The Cronuts were probably the highlight of that weekend (I've been back to buy more since then - my tastebuds will always be grateful to Emma Freud for the tip off - my waistline not so much - in fact screw the waistline, they tasted so damn good, I will never stop going back for more!)

The other great thing about that weekend was going to see Ruby Wax talk at the School of Life - they have finally published the video footage of that talk. It was a real good 'un. Do watch.  

Last night, I was lucky enough to be able to see her preview / warm up of Sane New World, which is her book that has been turned into the most incredible piece of theatre. Its going on tour in Spring - I KNOW. Watch this space and don't miss out. Based on last nights preview, the real thing is going to be fascinating. Expect 3D images that delve into the mothership (the brain) and much more. I can hardly wait. I've just come off the phone to her as she wanted some feedback - I felt there was a great balance between science and humour. Its much easier to understand about neuroscience / brain chemicals / hormones when they are accompanied with a joke. A hard combination but one she managed effortlessly.

Quote of the night "Such an inspiring and engaging message delivered by a brave sane mind. I hung on to every word."

So did I. 

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