Saturday, 25 January 2014

Annual Cost of Mental Illness in London

I haven't felt much like blogging in the last couple of weeks - its been quite hard to concentrate on anything since hearing news of Charlotte's death. I think about her all the time. 

I have flicked through newspapers, not really taking in much of the news. However, I did stumble across this article about the annual cost of mental illness in London.

And here is the full report, which is worth looking at if you have a moment.

The bottom line is that mental illness costs London £26 BILLION a year. Thats about £500 million pounds a week. Mind boggling. And the thing is, those figures are only going to increase as more and more people are affected. AND this is just London - what about the rest of England, the UK and the world...?

As someone said to me on Twitter this week: 

"Its time to put some proper, hardcore, frontline help in for people that really need it. Stamping out stigma is no longer enough."

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