Monday, 6 January 2014

Maracattack and Snapchating my way into 2014

One of my favourite birthday presents in November 2013, was the Miranda's Maracattack DVD. Can't remember if I have blogged about it before but if not, see video below. A great fun (or should I say "Such Fun") way to exercise. And its directed by (the one and only) Ed Bye - I know! 

So imagine my squeals of delight when, on Christmas Day, I opened a present (it rattled when Ella gave it to me) and it was some maracas! AND a Miranda Mask AND a Such Fun T shirt (which you can't see in the below picture). Oh how we laughed.

So now I am totes kitted out to do some Maracattacking - that is now a word. 

In other news: term has started and I have essays coming out of my ears. Sigh. But Ella and I love a good Snapchat:

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