Friday, 28 February 2014

Slowing Down

I re-read my last blog post and realised I was in desperate need of slowing down. So I did just that. 

I went home on Friday 21st, taking no work with me, and made the most of every second of being away from the busy, justly, smokey streets of London. You don't realise until you get out of the city what fresh air really is like. I went home via the Collective Dairy, where I worked last summer, to see their swanky new office and try their new products - they were yum so keep your eyes peeled!

I went for long walks (my usual favourite 5 mile route) which includes a big hill at the end and then the home straight - annoyingly I got a blister just at the top of the hill, which meant that I hobbled back home - one boot off and one boot on. I looked ridiculous. No photo to show you...

Hot baths (below) were also top of my to-do list - something I miss terribly in London where we tend to only have showers to save on hot water. Snuggles and fun with Ella were amazing as usual. I miss her so much when I am away.

Ipswich Town suffered a painful defeat at Leicester - inevitable as Leicester are such a good side (YES - I LOVE football - especially ITFC!). But that didn't dampen our spirits too much because England beat Ireland in the Rugby. 

We also laughed a lot at some old home videos - particularly one of Ella when she was about 3 months old, TINY and just out of hospital - too gorgeous for words. We had hours of fun watching those, cringing at some moments and giggling at how awful (some of us) looked / sounded when we were little.

I don't watch much television at all (no concentration) but I adore the Graham Norton Show (I've been in the live audience twice - once in the front row!) so I re-watched this episode from 2012 because it makes me laugh so hard. Will i am is the definition of cool and funny. Miriam Margolyes is hysterical too.

The dreamy calm weekend came to an end far too quickly and my alarm jolted me awake on Monday at 6:20 am to alert me to do the school run. Back to reality with a hard bump and a week full of agony and tears (and a few smiles) remembering two very close family members who died recently, at a funeral and memorial for each of them.

I've never been so exposed to grief - what with losing Charlotte in January and then these two equally special people, its fair to say its been a wobbly start to a year - particularly after such an amazing few months in 2013

The other way I've been able to relax is by absorbing myself into The Londoner - an amazing blog written by a girl called Rosie. She is currently in Thailand / Pukhet and the photos are amazing. But most of her blog posts are based from London - she wears beautiful clothes and eats delicious food. I would love to blog for a living...

It is now the end of the week and I feel rather yuk. I've got that fluy thing where I ache all over, not even a hot bath can stop me from shivering and I have no appetite at all (I haven't been ill for so long any doctors out there want to give me some helpful advice ??? - comment below!). And someone has very generously (not!) given me their cough so I sound like I smoke 40 a day. A quiet weekend beckons but I want to weep every time I glance at my to do list.. To end this post on a happy note, my next blog post will tell you about the amazing fun I had last night at Jewish Book Week, which was a real highlight of a difficult week.

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