Sunday, 16 March 2014

Being Kind - Thought for the day

I'm going to be bold and say: I am good at being kind. I can say that because:

I won the kindness cup at school - it was huge and came with a cheque for £100. 

I also wrote this, which Ruby shared with the world on her website.

The below post came from a new friend of mine - called MIRANDA (I KNOW!). She is amazing. We met on Twitter - she found me - I LOVE how social media connects people like that. She writes an amazing blog. Do read it. She is very kind. 

So the theme of this post is BEING KIND - and I leave you to end your weekend / start your new week with this advice: 

(note: I advocate being kind to everyone, not just the unkind but I do like this picture)


  1. Stepping on Lego, as we know is the ULTIMATE punishment. And I wish it on all unkind persons , after I have finished being as smugly kind to them as possible from my high pony of benevolence and graciousness. Little do they know that I will tiptoe round their upstairs landing whilst they are sleeping, sprinkling the offending plastic weapons of mass destruction everywhere, and wait up to watch until they stumble upon it when nature calls them for a nocturnal wee. I am not as kind as Miranda B. I did not win the Kindness Cup at school. I did however win the Drama one. Not that that would tell you ANYTHING about me...... honest ......

  2. Strewing legos... I love it.

    But also kindness. The best and most difficult high road. But it does make it clear whose head you would rather be in: the kind one.