Monday, 10 March 2014

Busy and Better

At LAST, I feel back to my normal self. 

No more hot / cold sleepless nights, permanently needing to be within arms reach of a box of tissues and being at the mercy of:

Tissues, Paracetamol, Beechams, Lemsip, Olbas Oil, Sudafed, Orange Juice and Blueberries... 

YES - I gave myself that concoction and it seemed to work. Phew.

Last week was a busy one - 
  • I went to my first Opera (La Boheme at the Royal Albert Hall)
  • caught up with a friend who I hadn't seen for more than two years
  • embraced pancake day like I never had before (had heaps of Chocolate spread on mine)
  • gave a group presentation on our idea of a possible Obesity intervention 
  • AND went to see Ruby's new show SANE NEW WORLD which is touring the UK at present
That last bullet point deserves a whole blog post of its own so bare with me...

THIS WEEK is equally busy - one of the things Ruby addresses on her tour is our OBSESSION with being busy... we've all got to be seen to be doing something all the time. 

Anyway - my busy week this week consists of 
  • seeing Miranda Hart perform at the O2 in her first stand up tour - so excited about that
  • meeting Laura Collins for the very first time as she is in the UK for EDIC. That will be amazing and no doubt emotional and v special
  • (hopefully) handing in two pieces of work early...
  • making progress with my dissertation
  • celebrating a friend's birthday
  • Meeting up with lots of FEAST people who are in London for EDIC and there is also a special fundraiser for Charlotte's Helix
I will definitely be ready for a night at home by the end of the week for some R&R.

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