Monday, 31 March 2014

Ruby rocks Bury St Edmunds

At last - no more university lectures - ever! So weird to think that in 5 weeks, my degree will be completely finished. I can hardly wait. I went home this weekend for a bit of R&R. It was a fun filled weekend that I have been looking forward to for weeks. 

We watched Joanna Lumley in her new documentary interviewing Will i am - one British star meets an American international superstar. It was amazing. Do watch it on iPlayer / YouTube if you get the chance. 

Then - a trip to Norwich, which is the most beautiful city. Although shame about the football team (I'm a massive Ipswich Town fan so it was a miracle I even set foot in Norwich). But - I went there to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company perform a Comedy of Errors - totally brilliant and we roared with laughter. I stuffed myself full of the most delicious pasta (prawns, chilli, linguine...) pre theatre too in Jamie's Italian. So so good. 

NEXT was fun and games with Ella who I wish I saw more of. She starred in a play at school last week, which as always, I had to miss.  We were both at home for Mother's day, which was so special. Here is our "make up free" selfie for Cancer Research...

The final part of the weekend (there were other great bits but I'm only giving you some of the highlights) was taking my parents and a few other friends to see Ruby in her UK tour of Sane New World which came to Suffolk - the Apex at Bury St Edmunds - so a great excuse to go again - I had only seen it once before. She was sensational as always. Beg, borrow and steal a ticket to see it - although its selling out and there are not many dates left..! We laughed and laughed. Everyone who I knew in the audience thought it was so great. You can't fail to not learn something from that kind of an evening - so informative, thought provoking but so so funny.

I didn't want the evening to end - Ruby and I walked back to her hotel for tea after the show and I was so tempted to check myself in for the night as it was so beautiful and calm. I think Ruby fell in love with Bury St Edmunds - its a great town (not quite a city??) - very peaceful and amazing shops / architecture / loads of history. And compared to the other places she has been, it sounds idyllic. I looked a bit like Hansel or Gretel on the short walk to the hotel - constantly checking over my shoulder / dropping bread crumbs so I would find my way back to my car - but the producer very kindly gave me a lift so all was well.

And now - back to business for the final push of my degree. But it was such a special weekend. 

Revision and dissertation beckon so I must go...

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