Monday, 31 March 2014

The Food Doctor - Hormone Balancing Programme

I recently received a parcel from Rhiannon and Alice at The Food Doctor, London.  And here are my thoughts on what was inside...

They sent me three supplements as part of their Hormone Balancing Programme. 

1 bottle of Nutri Advanced MegaMag Fem Balance
1 bottle Eskimo 3 Fish Oil (Pure Omega 3)
1 bottle Optibac Probiotics: for every day

I think you can buy them as a package here which might be more economical...

First up - what are hormones and why are they important?
Well since you asked and to put it very simply.... hormones are our body's chemical messengers. They effect a huge number of processes in the body including mood, development, growth, sexual function, metabolism and reproduction... So its basically vital that the body is hormonally balanced - otherwise we just couldn't function.

What causes hormones to become unbalanced?
When you think of unbalanced hormones, you might think its just women going through menopause who are affected - but in fact lifestyle, STRESS, medication, diet or pregnancy can all also cause an imbalance in anyone..

I am not sure if my hormones need balancing - I haven't had them tested but as I am currently under a lot of stress...they probably do need re-adjusting... The cortisol knows how to trickle its way in and I have to work really hard at cooling the system and managing it. 

And as I am currently finishing my degree, I welcome ANY kind of extra nutrients that are going to support and help my brain functioning. So out of all of these products, my favourite would be the Omega 3 fish oils. I do eat a lot of fish already so I am sure my brain already gets good doses of Omega. 

I am not a huge supplement taker and I wouldn't advocate it for everyone - I used to be but now only occasionally take Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Magnesium etc.. I worked somewhere last summer where EVERYONE was popping supplement pills all the time - you could actually hear the crunchy / rattle sound when they walked.

It is well known in the food / health industry that having a healthy gut can have a huge impact on overall health. The health of the gut depends on which nutrients the body will absorb. I wrote a university essay last year on functional foods and chose probiotics specifically to write about - I scored highly in this essay and did a wide amount of reading on the subject. Many, many studies have shown that there is not enough evidence out there to suggest that probiotics are widely beneficial. I would take them briefly if I had been on antibiotics or was going abroad - but not all the time. 

Finally - the MegaMag Fem Balance: I think its sometimes great to have a powder that has everything you need in it. You have to mix this with water and drink it - you get used to the taste but its not the most delicious thing in the world - I wonder if it tastes different / better in smoothie? The powder contains Vitamin B6 and its not advised to take this long term. I like this powder for its high dose of Magnesium and Vitamin C. I've taken Magnesium Citrate before for anxiety and it really works. 

To conclude - this Hormone Balancing Programme will work for some people but not everyone - not least because different things work for different people. I am not a huge advocate of taking supplements - studies have shown that they aren't always effective and those who do take them are likely to be well-nourished and take an interest in leading an active and healthy lifestyle already. 

Always seek professional advice with products like these - don't just buy them and start pill popping. I'm sure Alice is on the end of the Food Doctor telephone and happy to answer any questions. Alternatively, comment below and I will get back to you asap. (that sounds like a voicemail recording..)

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