Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mental Health Cuts

So it turns out that mental health patients in NHS hospitals are sleeping on hospital floors or being sent to B&Bs because the NHS haven't got the beds or the money for these patients. 

WHY are patients being sent to near by BED AND BREAKFASTS? WHY??? Are the owners qualified to look after these vulnerable and very unwell people? I think not.

A mental health patient in York is too ill and needs to be in hospital. The nearest bed is 200 miles away at a hospital in London, which is not used to dealing with mental health issues. An ambulance and three nurses / support workers take the patient from York to London. How, exactly, does this help the patient? It doesn't. The patient is left feeling more frightened and vulnerable and are miles away from their family. They are too ill to say anything, incapable of making a decision, which frankly is out of their hands.

How can the government justify the cost and need for the HS2 railway BUT be letting this happen?

Norman Lamb MP was on the Radio 4 Today programme this morning discussing this. Instead of doing what MPs usually do, which is skirting round the subject, not answering the question and making excuses, he actually showed genuine concern and is working extremely hard to rectify this horrendous situation, which in his words "has to change". I wholeheartedly agree and will be doing my bit to try and help.

What can we all do about this? Something has to change. Start by writing to your MP. It will take much more than that, but small steps make a huge difference. 

Read more about this on the BBC website here

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