Sunday, 15 June 2014

Good News and a Good Week

What a busy week...! 

The Teenagers Translated book launch took place on Tuesday evening at Daunt Books in Holland Park. Here is a picture of the author, Janey Downsire, with some very enthusiastic teenagers who were there to help with the evening:

I received my final university results on Wednesday and got a 2.1..! Hurrah. Couldn't be happier / more relieved. Look at the amazing flowers I got from Rahla Xenopoulos, Ruby Wax and Noemi:

I haven't stopped smiling since that news.
Ruby met the MP Norman Lamb on Wednesday, which I organised. I can't wait to hear how it went. He takes a special interest in mental illness / young people:

On Saturday, I took myself off to Southwold for a day of fresh sea air, ice cream and shopping at Collen and Clare. I bought a magnificent leather jacket. The wonderful Charlotte Bevan was on my mind - the last time I went to Southwold was with her and that was the last time I ever saw her - so it was an emotional day. She would have approved of my purchase and my ice cream! 

It was a good opportunity to try and be mindful and ponder on what has been a super week - I never imagined I would finish my degree, let alone get a 2.1..!

I told my friend Betsy Benn about my exciting news / exam results and I inspired her to make a new card - and she has sent me one of my very own. So lucky and very cool ! Check it out here. Read the small print: "Cronut eating must now be performed to a professional standard at all times" - she knows me too well!

All in all, a very good week. Onwards with the next chapter...

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