Monday, 2 June 2014

Kathy Lette: No Such Thing as NORMAL

The weekend was super - for an abundance of reasons. 

I managed to catch up with the exquisite Romy Wood on Saturday - we went to the first ever Australia and New Zealand Festival of Literature and Arts to hear the mighty Kathy Lette talk with Lisa Nops on Autism. Kathy's son has Aspergers and Lisa's daughter has autism. 

I am sure I have mentioned Kathy before - she is one of life's most sensational people. Fun, hilarious, intelligent, generous... Here is her TED talk - a must watch - 

It was a very thought provoking afternoon - and also highly entertaining at times. The underlying message was key - there is no such thing as normal. Instead of Normal and Abnormal.. think Ordinary and Extraordinary.

Every member of staff at the Festival was wearing a T Shirt with this on their back and here is one of the big banners - so confusing but quite fun:

The other reason why the weekend was so exciting is that after three years of grabbing the odd night or precious weekend in my beloved Notting Hill - I am finally based here full time and now have this on my door step - you know where you'll find me!

This house is round the corner and I secretly wish it was mine - only because of the colour (a bit OTT...I know!):

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