Sunday, 13 July 2014

Quotes and Photos

Here are several fun quotes and pictures that have been brought to my attention recently. Thought I would share them with you:

Alice in Wonderland's secret with the Mad Hatter:

I went to see the new and amazing Quentin Blake exhibition at the House of Illustration. Perhaps another blog post on that at a later date as it was so delightful. 

But for now, I will share this, which I saw on my way out. Very meaningful advice:

Someone very kindly sent me a card to congratulate me on completing and passing my degree - and funnily enough, this particular person doesn't know my interest in Mindfulness and meditation.

This bear seems very content and calm - I rather like the mouse on his head.

Ruby always says (and she's right) that we are obsessed with busyness - and its not at all good.. I therefore think that this picture needs to be circulated far and wide for all to see. The busyness has to stop but only we can find our own break pedal. Until someone can confidently and unashamedly admit that they are neither run off their feet or coming or going, we will forever be continually raising stress levels and making ourselves ill.

"I'm run off my feet, I'm neither coming or going" - what does that even mean?

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