Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer 2014

Not including the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is in full splash and clogging up every Facebook newsfeed round the country - there are two things, which I believe sum up the summer - 

Let It Go

Demi Lovato singing Let It Go from the film Frozen has been on repeat in our house for what feels like forever. My sister even wrote down the lyrics from YouTube and learnt it word for word - singing it at the top of her voice whilst dancing on her bed. 

Pass the ear plugs...

Loom Bands

If you have made it through the last few weeks and months and haven't seen someone wearing one of these then frankly WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ? I even had a lesson in how to "loom" and made one for myself - I got so into it that it became too long and we had to unpick it...

Today I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge and I *might* share the video on here.... it was chilly..!

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