Sunday, 21 September 2014

A fun trip to Basingstoke and other travels for the Mumbles...

Its been a busy few days. I'm trying not to over do it. My new rule is to always try and be in bed my 11 pm during the working week. So far I have failed miserably. It's currently 11:07 pm.

My friend Rosie Norman has written some good tips on how to improve your health this autumn. Do take note. And Rachel Kelly has written a great Stress Busting piece in today's You magazine

Last weekend was so much fun. I was invited to join Ruby for the opening night of her second Sane New World tour in Basingstoke. We sat in First Class, drank Starbucks, ate cake and didn't stop chatting the whole way there and back. We even managed a mini dress rehearsal on the train much to the amusement and confusion of other passengers. 

The train conductor was so excited when she saw us standing on the platform - she knew exactly who my companion was. When we asked the taxi driver, however, to take us to the theatre, she said "So are you going to see anything good tonight...?" Oh how I snorted with laughter. Of course, its fine when someone who is frequently in the media / been on television isn't recognised. But she started to dig a hole by saying something along the lines of "you look / sound familiar..." and we were glad to arrive at the theatre and leave her to ponder on who she had just driven. 

Long may Ruby's good work continue. The feedback has been incredible. We didn't leave the theatre until every person in the queue had had their book signed and photo taken. I fell into bed that night beaming with pride and my jaw hurt from smiling so much - and I was in awe of the fact that she would do that all over again for another 19 nights in the next few weeks.

After such an fun filled weekend, the week got off to an entertaining and busy start with the Beat ComEDy Gala at the Comedy Store organised by me and a few others. Several super comedians took to the stage and entertained us exquisitely. Dave Chawner was a brilliant host and compere - introducing Katherine Ryan, Patrick Monohan, Juliette Burton, Nat Luurtsema and Adam Kay. I laughed until it hurt... I think it did an enormous amount at stamping stigma and raising awareness. Everyone will have left feeling inspired and will have learnt something new. 

There is lots to look forward to in the coming few days. I am going to see Dawn French in her new show, which is on tour at the moment called "30 Million Minutes" - roughly the number of minutes she has been alive. Apparently its incredible so I can hardly wait. 

There is a very special concert taking place in Covent Garden this week for Charlotte's Helix - a charity / research project that is close to my heart. Come along ! There will be singing from the iconic Brindley Sherratt and ROH Jette Parker Young artists. And a reading by David Robb, who stars in Downton Abbey.

I am also going to see Stephen Fry at the start of October. Desperate to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels starring Robert Lindsay - you can probably tell by now that I am obsessed with the theatre.

I'm looking forward to a new breakfast this coming week - toasted bagel, almond butter and chopped banana. Yum...! Stay tuned for a photo..

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