Thursday, 6 November 2014

News from Miranda HQ

There has been no time to feel down about Benedict being unavailable.... I think I can link the number of blog posts I write with how busy I am. I haven't had a moment to write for ages and I miss not being able to bore you all with my news.

Autumn has well and truly arrived in London. I walk the three miles to work everyday whatever the weather and its my absolute favourite time of day. I plug in my iPod and off I go. Current music of choice is either Ella Henderson's new album or anything by Natalia Kills. There are crunchy leaves all over the park, the air is so crisp and chilly - a huge drop in degrees C since the unusually hot halloween we had last week. 

walk straight through Hyde Park... this was the blue sky that greeted me this morning. I love my commute. I walk past the same joggers, dog walkers, army officers, personal trainers, policeman guarding Kensington palace...

October was fun and busy. I met Alan Yentob, the Creative Director of the BBC. We both went to watch Ruby perform her show in Colchester and then got the train and taxi back to Notting Hill with her afterwards. Can't believe its over... But I am well informed that there are more dates in London next year. 

I also met Stephen Fry - he was as sensational as I always imagined he would be. Can't wait to get stuck into his new book. I am currently reading Rahla Xenopolous's memoir, A Memoir of Love and Madness, which is incredible.

November is set to be even more fun - for starters, I am going to meet Nigella Lawson..! More on that another time. I have to work for most of this weekend but will certainly try and get to some fireworks - perhaps Battersea Park ? Its so frustrating still sitting at work at 7 pm and being able to hear them outside but not see them.

In other news, we have a new puppy at home: meet Lara...

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