Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A difficult day

It has been a difficult day. The first anniversary after someone passes away is always full of emotion and a reminder of how much you miss that person. Today was the first anniversary since Charlotte lost her battle with breast cancer. Nobody can believe its been a year and not a day has gone by when I don't think of her.

There is so much that has happened in the last twelve months that I want to tell her. The Helix has grown and blossomed. I even appeared on BBC Radio London talking to Paul Ross about it. I graduated from university and got a job - and nobody would be cheering louder than Charlotte if she knew I had managed that. 

Of course, nobody wishes more that she had been here to see their achievements than her own family. In the words of her daughter

Charlotte was an extraordinary woman, who always put the happiness and wellbeing of others before her own. If you knew her, you would know her for her laid back and funny approach to life, she was never afraid to say what she thought and dedicated the latter part of her life to care and help those she didn't even know.

I wrote about her here, this time last year.

Quoting from the blog post on the Charlotte's Helix website...

"We love you, we thank you, we miss you!" - I really do.

Thought for the Day

Friday, 2 January 2015

Summing up 2014 - part 2

Following on from Part 1...

August: I am struggling to find some interesting news / highlights from August. We were lucky to have a relatively hot summer in London, which didn't make it much fun to work.. I went to the Notting Hill carnival as the parade goes through the end of my road. It was quite overwhelming having a million more people than usual in the borough.  Ipswich played Norwich (football) for the first time in ages as neither team had been in the same division. Sadly it wasn't Ipswich's day but at the time of writing, that was the only defeat Ipswich have had at home since then... The other thing I remember about August is having lots of tea and Cronut dates with various friends at CocoMaya.... My lips were grateful but my hips weren't..! We went on a family trip to see Mamma Mia the musical. We had all seen it but my sister hadn't. One of the few things we can all see at the theatre and all be entertained. The month ended with a heavenly trip to Wales to climb another mountain...

September: I started September off with my first ever day off from full time employment - lunch at the Savoy with Kathy Lette. Total Joy with a capital J. I also attended a very interesting talk by Sir Colin Blakemore and Ruby Wax. I can't remember who was meant to be interviewing who but it was on Neuroscience, which is always fascinating. And then another dose of humour and fun with a trip to Basingstoke to see Sane New World - accompanying the performer herself. I helped organise a Comedy Gala at the famous Comedy Store in London in aid of Beat, which was a huge success. And I went to see Dawn French on tour in her show "30 million minutes" which is a hilarious and emotional roller coaster of her life. Then there was a brilliant concert in Covent Garden raising money for Charlotte's Helix. She would have been proud. 

October: I can't think of a better way to start October than by meeting STEPHEN FRY. Yes I did ! I don't think I blogged about it. He was giving a talk at the Southbank Centre having just released a new book. I even shook his hand. I met Rahla Xenopopolous for the first time too. And went to see Matilda the musical. I did a ten mile walk around London in aid of mental health charity CLASP. The other great thing that happened in October was a I finally met Betsy Benn...! 

November: There was MUCH excitement at home in November as our puppy Lara arrived. We are well and truly in Love with her. I paid my first trip to Hampstead and had breakfast with Tracey of Fighting Fifty - such a treat. I managed to sneak to the Strand and see Made in Dagenham starring Gemma Arterton - so uplifting. I also had my second day off and saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the theatre starring Robert Lindsey. Legend. God - I do love the theatre... Here comes one of the highlights of the year (besides graduating)... I met Nigella Lawson ...!!! I also gave her a jar of her very own Nutella, which she loved. 

December: I went to Claridges for a very spoiling dinner with a friend I hadn't seen for over a year. I also went to see Birthday Girls perform at the Soho theatre - one of them is Jennifer Saunders's daughter - such brilliant comedy. I also went up the Shard for the first time for cocktails with a great school friend. Incredible views! London is so twinkly and pretty at night. I also met May Gabriel from the It's Ok Campaign, which was wonderful. The year has ended with a blissful Yorkshire Christmas and 10 whole days off.

Phew.... I'm exhausted just writing all that - however bored you might be reading this, I love reminding myself whats been going on. 

Yesterday was New Year's Day and I had a candle lit bath in the middle of the afternoon and forgot how amazing that was. Last night was the last ever episode of Miranda and that was an emotional and triumphant finish to a brilliant sitcom - I dressed up to celebrate -

Its now 2nd January. I have two more days off before I have to go back to work. My blog is nearly three years old. I think this is the year that Ipswich Town will be promoted... FINALLY. The Sound of Music is on BBC 1 and on that note, I am going to say... auf Wiedersehen... adieu !!!

My hopes for 2015 are to write more and perhaps find the brakes sometimes and not do so much.... but I'll keep up the theatre trips!