Thursday, 26 February 2015

Another Special Sunday

I had another one of "those" special weekends - this time I was away from London, away from disturbance, work, chaos.... all on my own - I've never felt so calm and well rested.

Keeping with the Sound of Music theme from my last post, these are a few of my favourite things, which helped make it so special. 

Not included here is the mindful meditation, ice cream, electric blanket, long walks, candle lit baths, newspapers, toasted bagels with smoked salmon, lie ins, two long phone chats with my grandmother.... you get the picture. I felt productive but not under any kind of pressure to really do anything. I only ventured out once to have my hair cut (£16 - I KNOW!) and go to the football and not even the frustrating result (of the football not the haircut!) could taint my mood. 

The hairdresser is not only brilliant because you walk in without an appointment, wait five mins and only pay £16 - but its also like therapy. You can say whatever you want and know that she won't open her mouth and gossip about whatever you have to say. She listens, empathises, laughs and generally makes you feel better and not only because she makes your hair look nice. Long live that little nugget on Hadleigh High Street in Suffolk. I'm also always up for supporting the smaller local businesses rather than the overwhelming, impersonal chains.  

Obviously, its not good to be on ones own all the time but learning to enjoy your own company is important and something I have definitely grasped. 

Here's hoping my family go on holiday again soon without me so I can do it all again. (I was invited but didn't want to take time off work so soon after Christmas)..

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