Sunday, 1 February 2015

Say it with a Boomf

My pledge to blog more in 2015 is currently not going terribly well. But here is a fun post about Boomf, which if you haven't heard of - you NEED to know about it. 

Boomf was set up by James Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge's brother) and in my mind, is completely genius. 

This 30 second video explains it in a nutshell:

I have sent a few Boomf boxes - this was the one to my brother for his birthday: 

In a previous birthday, I sent him a Gourmet Chocolate Pizza and he genuinely thought someone had posted him a pizza. 

Boomf boxes are too beautiful to eat. Boomf someone and I guarantee you will make their day. 

I sent one to Ruby Wax before Christmas as a "Welcome home from your month in America / early Happy Christmas" present and she had never seen anything like it. Nine simple photos from the fun we'd had on tour last year and one of her and Carrie Fisher, which she GAVE to Carrie Fisher. She said it was a work of art.

Marshmallows are amazing but in Selfridges you can get cupcakes and macaroons too (not so easy to post!).

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