Monday, 9 February 2015

The Perfect Sunday

Some Sundays are good. Some are totally dreamy. Today was the latter. What better way to start than by pouring over newspapers - its not the news I like - its the theatre, gossip, reviews, comments etc. 

My day started with a quick stroll round Holland Park. It was too sunny and would have been rude not to. 

And THEN the day really got going with a trip to the East (again)... for Brunch. I was SO hoping to report back on brunch in Hotbox but I was too hungry to wait 90 mins for a table. That's how popular it is. Another time. 

So we headed to Canteen in Spitalfields and, again, I'm afraid I was too hungry to wait and take a photo of my delicious fried eggs, bacon and bubble and squeak. I KNOW. God it was good. That's not usually my thing but today was an exception. 

Brick Lane was just heaving and buzzy. I saw the queue for the new Cereal Killer cafe and can't believe the lengths some people will go to for a bowl of cereal. My favourite chocolate shop next door was just as busy. 

This is my favourite cafe in Shoreditch and as far as I can work out, it doesn't have a name. But it is next to the Whitechapel Gallery and Aldegate East tube station:

Columbia Road Flower Market comes alive on a Sunday. Its a tiny road, which makes it seem even more crowded than Portobello on a Saturday. I love Angela Flanders perfumery - even better than Jo Malone (soz Jo). Everything smells totally delicious. I refrained (with difficulty) from not buying anything.

And then HOME to the west, where I feel a little more... at home! There is no better way to end the day than toasted bagels with nutella, doritos and the BAFTAs. In bed. I'm not a great film buff - theatre is more my bag - but even I got excited about seeing David Beckham and Benedict Cumberbatch* on the red carpet.

*I spontaneously walked past Benedict Cumberbatch yesterday - he was dressed as Sherlock Holmes near Baker Street... filming Sherlock Holmes.

To top it off, TED have tweeted one of my favourite talks to their 4.3 million followers. And it was very well received. 

A thoroughly splendid day - the kind I looked forward to most when I was doing my degree - a year ago, one could never justify doing anything other than sitting at a computer screen and typing essays. But now.... freedom.... Which is still a novelty, even though I finished my degree 9 months ago. I'm doing much better at doing "nothing" - despite travelling all over London today - I proved I can sit still for about 5 hours straight this afternoon / evening. 

Not even the not so good football score could taint my mood. I'm on the count down to Edinburgh now. #4days 

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