Monday, 27 April 2015

Buzz and the Dandelions

You may remember that I have blogged about Tom Fletcher before. He did THAT wedding speech and then announced his wife's pregnancy with THOSE pumpkins and then the arrival of Buzz with those daily photos merged into a very clever video....

Well NOW - we are utterly spoilt with clips like this - who knew that Dandelions were so fricken hilarious - beyond adorable:

Tom's sister Carrie has written a wonderful book for young people / teenagers, which was published this week. Its called All I Know Now. I'm not a teenager but would refer to myself as a "young person" so I can't wait to read it - there's a lot be learnt from wise and clever people like Carrie...  So a good week all round in the Fletcher household. 

Lots to be smiling about here too in the Miranda's Murmurs world. All will be revealed soon. 

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